Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Wow! I'm totally doing it..I'm writing on my blog again. I have been busy sorting things out for the new year and there are/were a lot of things going on with me right now. One of them is setting up my new blog which is   the Real Estate.Ph that actually have a live ad at Sulit.Com/AvidaLady.

I always knew I'm going to be very busy this year so before the year ends, I thought of the things I should have this year and hopefully I'd be able to get them soon!

Home Improvement 

Gas Range - I always want one of these for my kitchen because first, I love to cook and 2nd, I want to learn how to bake.

Children's bed- I always wanted to have a lovely space for my children and the bed below is exactly what I need. It gives them a lot of storage and allows more space to their room.

For the dining I wanted to have at least 6 seater dining table. We love to eat together so having enough space for the table is great to have more food to share with the family. 

Living Room- I always want to have an L-Shape couch for my house. It gives a lot of space for the whole family to bond and have fun.

My Career

I do a lot of things for a living. I'm a homebased virtual assistant/content editor, online teacher, blogger,makeup artist and just recently I became an accredited property specialist of Avida Towers.Whew!
So since I do a lot of things, I need a lot of things to gear me up and be ready to do everything at the most convenient way. 

High back chair - Of course, sitting all day in front f the computer can be literally such a pain in the a** and the back! So one of the things I am planning to get and this should be real soon is a high back chair. 

Office Desk- I love to have this office desk for no reason at all.. I have a built in one but I want this more!

Ipad 3 or 4-  Like cmon guys, who wouldn't want this baby? LOL! But it's not just a "want" for me... I need seriously! 

Traincase - It's been on my wishlist since I started to do makeup for other people. 

Airbrush Makeup set - Since this is a trend and most of the brides prefer to have airbrush makeup on their special day, I wanted to have them so I can get more clients :) As much as I love traditional makeup sometimes, you really need to follow the trend to meet your clients' expectations.

Car- so ok..if I'd be lucky this year and I know I am going to be, I would love to have my own car. But first, I need to learn how to drive! LOL! I want to have my dream boyfriend...A white Mazda 3! 

So there you have my top 10 Must haves that I found on

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Before we end this, I would like to ask you guys, what are your top 10 must haves? 
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Saturday, February 16, 2013