Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Coming Home to Mandaue Foam

Hey guys!

  I was browsing through youtube when I saw this video: 

And then it made me think.. What would my home belike

This is how I always imagine my house would be like.

 I want a simple house with a lot of windows and a porch where my family can spend time to on a beautiful sunny day. I also want enough bedrooms for the whole family and  a nice and cozy  living room where we can enjoy a nice movie marathon together. And of course, I wont forget the kitchen and dining just because I love to cook and we love to eat!

So since you now know how I imagine what my house would be like, let me take you to an imaginary tour inside my dream house!  Come in and see what my good finds are from Mandaue Foam!!

First stop, the living room. Just like what I said I want it to be nice and cozy.

An L shape sofa can never go wrong for a big family like mine. I picked a black one so I can always accentuate it with other different colors plus having a lot of kids in the house can keep the sofa from gathering too much dirt! 

Picture frames.. a lot of them.Just because I love taking pictures of my kids. I will post each and every achievements they have on our walls just like facebook! A like button will also be perfect! LOL
And of course a complete home theatre system will make any living room perfect! 
                                                 and I will place them here!


Now you see my living room, let me take you to the kitchen and dining room....

 This is my dream kitchen. It's just simple but the window on the kitchen sink area made it perfect!

This classy and comfy dining set from Mandaue Foam is what I want for my dining area. This is perfect for a big family like mine. I always believe that a family that having a meal with the family is the best part of anyone's day as you can share good memories with them while sharing good meal together. 

Ok so you see the first floor of my house, now let me take you the 2nd floor.

Here's what my children's bedroom would look like. I saw this in Mandaue foam and thought it would be perfect for all of them 

Now let head on to my office. Since I am working from home, it's very important for me that my work station will be comfy and nice. 

 A comfortable chair is a must have since I always spend long hours in front of my computer

The next 2 items are not supposed to be in one's office but in my case, they're must haves! Being a beauty blogger made me imagine my office to have these so it's like office/vanity corner

So now you see my office. Let's head on to my bedroom. Here are the things that you can find. 

A big comfy bed where you can snuggle up and talk with your partner for life about how your day was. Also have a good night sleep together so you can be ready to face another beautiful day!

Now you've seen my home, my get out of my imagination! ^__^v

As you can see, it's always good to have the things that will give you not only style but comfort that you need in your daily life. 
How about you? How would you house look like?
I would love to hear from you... 
Your home, your imagination! 

Miss Bee

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Shoe Haul: Can't Get Enough of Them! ^__^

Ola Bellas! 

I'm sure a lot of you have seen the quotation above. I personally believe that no one can actually judge ones' situation until they experience it themselves. No problem is greater than the others. It all depends on how we deal with it and how we look into it.  I am no perfect. I must admit that I am still trying to practice this.  It's really hard when you judge someone right away. Then when you get to know them, you realize that you were wrong.  "Eh di para kang kumuha ng batong ipupukpok mo sa sarili mo!" It is a saying in Tagalog and that's exactly how I feel whenever I judge someone without knowing them better first. "NahwatImean??"
Anyway, so no one should ever judge base on what they see from the outside. Just like what Melanie Marquez said "Dont judge my brother. He is not a book!!!". LOL :D I think you get my point,rriigghhhtt?

Ok.. ok enough of that and let's head on to the main subject! It's Haul Time!!!! Geeez, I just sounded like a SHOPAHOLIC there. teehihi!

I recently purchased few pairs of shoes and I absolutely love them all! I am currently obsessed with bright colors that's why I wanted to add them in my closet. I bought bright colored blouses and pants and like I said, SHOES!  Here they are:

Here's the pair I was able to purchase because of my student. I already blogged about this in my Birthday Haul post. I've been wanting to have this since I laid my eyes on it in Zalora so I was so glad that an unexpected birthday present came. 

So the next pairs that you will see are all  from Privileged. You can find it at Robinson's Ermita. (almost said SM) teehihi! I ran out of flat shoes so I decided to get some pairs last time I went there. 

And I can'tt stress anymore how obsess I am in bright colors! Here's apair of  pale pink and turquoise flats I got for Php395 
Though I must say that I super love the colors of this flats, I dont think it's very comfortable to wear. I tried only in the mall. Hopefully it will become comfortable once I break it in and gives me "paltos" (blister)!

NEXT!!! I instantly fell in love with this pair as soon as I saw it while I was still in the escalator! I instantly spotted this one and decided to get it. Php500

Of course out of all the brightness we still need something to neutralize it. I mean, I am no expert when it comes to fashion but I do know, when you're wearing bright clothes, you should at least have something to neutralize it. So in case I decided to wear bright, I will have this pair of flats to neutralize it. It's kind of nude-ish brown.  This was actually my "I-have-no-choice" pick since most of the nude flats that I tried didn't fit me well or they ran out of my size so yeah.. picked this instead. Php395 

That's all folks! If you have any questions regarding the sizing or durability or whatever it is you have in mind, just comment down on this blog post. I may have to review them sooner or later. I have to break them in first :) 

Thank you for reading and STAY FABULOUS!

Miss Bee

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

All About Giveaways!

Hey Ladies,

    I'm sure all of you want some freebies so here's a giveaway that Product Arena and Dull to Doll are hosting!

Click the link at the bottom!

It's very easy so hurry while you still have time!

Miss Bee

Sunday, July 8, 2012

My First Impression:Tony Moly 7 Days Tatoo Eyebrow

Hello My Lovely Readers,

           I am on blogathon today so I wanted to write as much as I can before I hit the sack and doze off AGAIN :)) Anyhoo, I am going to do a product review about Tony Moly 7 days Tatoo Eyebrow which I bought and tried last week. See haul post HERE

So let's get started!

Product: Tony Moly 7 Days Tatoo Eyebrow 
Shade: Natural Brown #1
Price: Php398 

What is Tony Moly 7 days Tatoo Eyebrow?
       It is a easy self tattoo eyebrow which claims to last for 7 days. 

How to use it:
After doing your facial night routine, make sure you dry your brows completely. 
Fill in the gap between the eyebrows in feathery stroke following the natural shape of your brows. 
Clean off the edges with a cotton bud. 

* It is advisable to apply this at night as you have to set it for
6 hrs before you can wash your face again. 

Here's how it looks like. It has a brush tip and it reminds me 
of NYX Skinny Marker

Here are my pictures when I first applied the product

Applied on both brows 
Please excuse the eye patches under my eyes ^__^v

This is a picture of me the next morning after I applied the product. 

My First Impression
I was too excited to use the product and I was super happy when I saw the first result. I almost thought that it was a good find. But then I tried to experiment a little bit more and I checked the  staying power of this product. 

Here's what I did: 
1. I washed my face like I normally would.
2. I applied toner like I normally would. 

When I checked it again, here's what happened:

voila! bye bye tattoo eyebrows! :)) 

What I love about the product;
Application is easy. 
It can last when you're planning to go swimming. You dont have to worry about your brows being erased. 
It's not painful at all compared to permanent eyebrow tattoo. I was thinking maybe it would sting a little but it didn't :) 

What I dont love about this:
It doesn't stay 7 days or even 3 days.
You have to be careful when washing your face since it can easily be erased with soap.
Also needs to be careful when using makeup remover or even toner which makes it inconvenient.

One more thing, I needed to add more brow powder because I feel like it's not enough when you have other makeup on. Here's a picture :  

Final Say
   I will rate this product 3 out 5 since it didn't really does it job totally. It's perfect to use when you're planning to stay in the water and also when jogging, you don't have to worry about having your brows erased with your sweat. That is my main concern when I go swimming  or go jogging. 
  Will I buy this product again? Well it's good to have but definitely not a necessity so I wont buy this as often as the other cosmetics. 

 Let me know your thoughts if you have used this product because you might have different opinion about this. I would like to hear from you soon. And for those who are curious, I hope you find this blog helpful. I will try to work on a demo video soon so please watch out for it! 

This is all for now and I'll talk to you on my next blog. :) Thank you for reading! Love you girls! Stay Fabulous! 

Miss Bee