Thursday, January 26, 2012

No Makeup Makeup

Hey Everyone,

      When I posted my picture with my no makeup makeup, people asked me how I did it. Well, honestly, there are several ways to achieve this look. If you only search in youtube, you'll see tons of videos on how to get the "no makeup" makeup/fresh makeup/natural makeup or however you want to call it. This type of look will help you have a radiant looking skin without putting a lot on your face. This will just enhance your features and give you that effortless beauty. You will see a lot but you may probably think twice in doing this look because of the products they are using. Well, I will make it easier for you pretty girls out there. I will show you different techniques on how to achieve this look using local products such as Nichido, Ever Bilena and so on. I will also make a tutorial based on your skin type.

      So this first tutorial is for girls who doesn't need a lot of coverage on their skin. Meaning to say your skin has very few blemishes or none at all. Honestly when I did this video, my skin was not at its best. Right now, I am suffering from acne scars but when I did this video, my skin was a little worse that it really is. Anyway, just dont mind my skin and focus on the tutorial.

 So here are the products I used:

Missha Real Complete BB Cream
Ever Bilena Advance Foundation stick
San San Age defense concealer
Ever Bilena Advance 3D Compact

Nichido Palette
NYX nude on nude
Nichido eye pencil in medium brown
Nichido Lengthening Mascara
Brows: Nichido Mineral eye pencil in Chestnut

Blush: Estee Lauder Pure Color palette ( Radiant kiss)

Lips: Watsons Naturals lip balm and Missha lipstick

Detailed tutorial:

1. Clean your face, use toner and moisturize. It is very important that you do this first step before your start applying makeup. 
2. Put an ample amount of BB cream onto your fingertips and then warm it up. Gently apply the product  all over your face. You can use a foundation brush if you want or if you're doing it to somebody. In my case, I prefer to use my fingers to blend the product more evenly.
3. Apply foundation that is lighter than your skin tone under your eyes and apply it in triangular motion to brighten up the face even more and for more coverage if you need it.
4. This is optional but you can apply concealer under your eyes,some dark spots and acne scars. In my case, it didn't totally concealed the acne because it's just came out. (Blame it on PMS :(.....)
5. Redefine your brows. In this video, since I forgot that I am doing a natural look, I forgot to use darker shade of brow pencil and just follow the natural shape of my brows. 
6. Apply primer but this is optional since we aare aiming for a natural look. If you dont have a primer, you can apply foundation all over your lids and top it off with concealer.
7. Apply a matte brown eye shadow on your eye socket to give your eyes more definition. Then apply a satin eye shadow of  your choice. Blend it well. Applying satin E/S will give you a natural looking glow. 
8. Tight line using a medium brown eye pencil. Apply it as close to the lash line as possible. Doing this method will make your eyelashes appera thicker without lining it too much plus the brown liner looks more natural than black liner.
9. I used a different technique in applying mascara here. I noticed that doing this will make your lashes look more natural than when you use the mascara's regular wand. Anyway, apply some mascara onto the brow and lash comb and then after you curl your lashes, gently comb your top and bottom lashes
10. Apply powder. Here I am using my new Ever Bilena Advance 3D compact. I will do a review soon on Ever Bilena products.
11. Using the darkest shade in the 3d compact, apply it on the hollows of your cheeks for contour. 
12. Apply pink blush on your cheek bones. Here I am using a satin pink from my Estee  Lauder palette but you can use any pink blush you have.
13. Using the lightest color on the 3d compact, apply it on top of your cheek bones then sweep it under your eyes for highlight. You can also apply some on your nose bridge and across your forehead.
14. Dab a little bit of liptick on your lips then blend it with your finger or lip brush.
Last but not the least, apply lipbalm for extra moisture. 

  So there you have it. No makeup makeup... Enhanced but not overdone. 

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and please check out my YT channel and subscribe for more tutorials. This is all for now and I'll talk to you on my next blog. Stay Fabulous. 


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

DIY Body/Face/Lip Scrub

Hey Everyone,

     Tonight as I was doing my other blog,I thought of writing a tutorial on how to do a body scrub. This is all naturals and you can definitely find the ingredients in your own kitchen. Yup! You heard it right...In your kitchen or as I call it my extended vanity corner. LOL :) I get some of my beauty remedies from my kitchen. One of the products I swear by is honey so I am going to tell you how to make a scrub that will work best on your face body and including your lips.

   So here's what you'll need: honey, sugar, olive oil (optional)

      Before we get started, let me just give you an introduction about the health benefits of these ingredients.

Honey: It's definitely one of the best product you can use on your skin. Honey is 100% natural so it is safe to use on your skin. It has a lot of good benefits not only for the skin but for your health in general. It has the ability to absorb and retain moisture on your skin. This will help you to have a silky smooth skin.Believe me, I saw the big difference on my skin ever since I started using honey as one of my beauty remedies.

Sugar: It can exfoliate your skin and deep cleanse it. It can also hydrate your skin without clogging your pores. This can help your skin to glow as well. There are so many benefits that you can get for using sugar as your over all body scrub.

 These two ingredients alone can do wonders on your skin but if your skin is super dry, you may want to add a little bit of olive oil for extra moisture. If you dont have olive oil, you can try to use baby oil or even the home made coconut oil. The one that we get when we make "latik" out of coconut milk. It is also good but the smell for me is not very pleasing. Anyway, I cannot stress it more PLEASE DONT USE COOKING OIL. :) LOL

 Anyway, let's get started. Here's what you need to do:

- You'll need at least 3 tablespoon of white sugar if you're planning to use this as an over all scrub.
-Add 2 tablespoon of honey and then mix well and there you have your all naturals body scrub.

You may want to lessen the ingredients when you're not planning to use it all over your body. I like to chill this scrub first before I use it because it's more refreshing. And just like what I said earlier, you can add olive oil if you want. Try to exfoliate your skin at least 2x and you'll see the result in just a week. :)

  This is all for now and I do hope you like my very first DIY beauty remedy tutorial. Watch out for more tutorials soon. Thank you for reading and have a good one :) Stay Fabulous



First Product Review

Hi Everyone,

       I was filming a "no make up" make up tutorial when my laptop shut down halfway through the video. While doing my make up I already thought of saving a part of it but then I still didn't do so yeah because of that everything's gone. And it's not like I can erase what I did on my face and do it all over again for the sake of the tutorial. I mean I can do that only if I have enough time. I only had 30 minutes that day so I just continued doing my make up and get ready for my classes. Anyway, since I had a lot of time later in that evening, I decided to finally film my very first product review.

       First 2 thing that I am going to review are brush sets from Barberries Pop. I was trying to convince myself to get these brush sets for over 2 months. I was skeptical because I wasn't sure if they're gonna be good enough. So last month I finally decided to get them. I was super excited that I tried to pay for them before the bank closes. I got them after Christmas. So here's what I have to say:

Cerro Qreen Brush Set: This beautiful brush set comes with 7 different make up brushes and a very pretty silk pouch. It is made in China but I am satisfied with this set. It's perfect for women on the go because it's not too bulky to put in your purse. The only problem I have with this is the foundation brush. It's not too soft and I dont think it's good enough to use when you're applying your foundation. Right now, I am only using it for blush or if I have to brush off excess powder on my face.

Ecotools Bamboo brush set: This brush set is pretty cute. It comes with 4 quality brushes that I really love. And just like the Cerro Qreen, this set is easy to travel with. I dont have any major problems with this because all of them are very soft and useful although you have to be patient with the powder brush. It became softer  after 2nd wash.

Maybelline Extreme Stiletto: My current fave mascara. I fell in love with this product the first time it laid its mascara wand on my lashes. It's super amazing and this is just in my opinion. I dont know with you guys but right now, I dont have any problems with this. I got this at SM Department store when Maybelline went on sale last month. I wish I got more of this product before.

Nichido Minerals Precise Liner:  It's the first liquid liner that I ever loved. It has a felt tip which made it a lot easier for me to line my eyes. I've had so many trouble using a liquid liner before but not it's a lot easier. The only downside with this product is that it gets watery after a while. I dont know maybe I am not shaking it or something but it has this kind of problem. I still recommend it though.

Watsons Naturals lip balm in Jasmine and Green tea.:  I was really skeptical when I got this product before. I dont know if it's gonna work for me. I dont normally use lip balm. It's just recently when I started using it because I got fed up of chapped lips. It took me a while to get used to applying lip balm on. Anyway, I got this Naturals lip balm at Watsons Gateway for only Php69. I love the product because it has the gritty sensation when you're applying it which helps you exfoliate your lips without putting a lot effort to it. The scent gives you a relaxing feeling and it will definitely moisturize your lips. Overall, I love this product and I will definitely use this everyday.

   So that wraps up my product review. Those are my honest opinion about the products and this blog is not sponsored. Thank you for patiently reading my blog and I hope you all have a fabulous day :)


Friday, January 20, 2012

Wants vs Needs_Drugstore Haul

Hey Guys,

          Last week I went shopping for the things I need in the academy at SM dept store. As always, whenever I'm surrounded with beauty products, I loose track of time and it's like I am the only there. Anyway, as I was looking for the things I need, there were so many products that I want to buy but my budget was too tight that I  only can buy important stuff. As I was walking around, I kept telling myself that I wouldn't be too compulsive so everytime that I pick up a product, I would look at it for a long time and think carefully.I asked myself too many time on that day "Do I need this or is there any way that I can improvise and still get the same result?". I thought of that over and over and I was successful. I only got the things that I need and here they are....
Advance 3D compact from Ever Bilena
Ever Bilena Studio Finish stick foundation

Shawill false lashes
shawill false lashes

Shawill Foundation and Concealer brush
Make up Essentials

Purederm Eye Patch
Marionaud angled brush
the other side...brow brush
 Price List:
EB Advance 3D compact -              Php150
EC Studio Finish stick Foundation - Php165/each
Shawill Falsies -                               Php59/each
headband -                                      Php49
tissue -                                            php22
cotton buds -                                   Php 27
Purederm eye patch-                        Php79
Marionnaud brow brush -                 Php119

   So that's it gorgeous readers. I was so happy that I got these product and I am so ready for tomorrow's class at David's Salon Academy. Anyway, this is all for now and I do hope you enjoy reading this. Til my next blog and I hope you have a great day ahead. Stay Fabulous.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bee's Mini Haul / Movie Review

Hey there Fabulous Ladies,

        Today I went to see a movie with a friend. So before I tell what I got today in the mall. Lemme tell you my thoughts about the movie "Manila Kingpin". I am not a movie critic and this is the first time that I am actually going to write something about a movie."Manila Kingpin" was a great movie. The story was great and this is actually the first time that I appreciated a Filipino action movie. The only problem I saw in this movie was the actor who portrayed as "Asiong Salonga". I dont know with you guys but for me, he didn't give justice to the character. My friends and I agreed on this part. He said that Asiong died when he was 23 and may I quote he said it's a "Trivia". Anyway, Asiong was in early 20's when he died while Jorge Estregan Jr., didn't look that young. Maybe when he did this movie when he was younger, he probably gave it more justice. There were a lot of scenes that looked really weird to me. Like the kissing scenes between Asiong and 3 of her women (all of them are young acrtresses). Those scene gave us the "eeewwww" factor. I know I am mean but that's just how I felt about the movie. The Kalesa chase was something I've never seen before but.....seriously??? A Kalesa chase where all the people riding were dead but the horse was left unharmed??? Anyway, I still enjoyed the movie and I really recommend you guys to see it. I wish they will make more movies like that in the future but please..... choose better actors...I know they are veteran actors but please..choose someone that will be please in  the viewers' eyes.LOL..^__^   and please dont make it BLACK and WHITE.
Add caption

    Alright, enough of the movie review. I went to SM Department store with my friend so I thought I'd pick up some of the things I need for the beauty academy. So here they are..

       First thing I got was this Fanny Serrano concealer stick in chestnut. I asked the saleslady if it's a foundation stick and she said yes. I know it's my bad that I didn't read the label first when she gave me the box. Anyway, I will still keep this and add to my collection. One thing I can say about this product is it smells like men's cologne. Price: Php350

      Next, this E.L.F. product automatically caught my eyes because of the packaging. It really looks nice. I didn't know that it's a face primer. I haven't really tried to use any face primers before but I will do a review about this product once I used it. Price:Php 399

     Last but not the least is this e.l.f. studio blush brush. This is probably my first blush brush ever. I use different brushes when putting on my blush. Being in the academy, makes me want to have the proper brushes for applying make up. It's gonna cost me a lot but I am sure it pays off in the end. Price:Php 249

  So that's it for now pretty ladies. I do hope you like reading my blog. I wish I can write more but I have to get back to work. I'll talk to you guys next time and Stay Fabulous!


Bee's Everyday Make up

Hello Gorgeous Ladies,

     I decided to film a tutorial after a stressful day. What I'm gonna show is the make up look I had when I attended my first day at the beauty academy. It's a very simple look. Kinda like smokey eye but it's just appropriate for daytime. I had a hard time showing the palette I used for this look so I decided to take a picture of my Estee Lauder Pure Color.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Palette
Colors I used; White, peach and brown for eyes
Blush: radiant kiss
   Products I used:
Face: Revlon Color Stay Foundation, Ever Bilena Concealer
Eyes and Cheek: Estee Lauder
Lips: Maybelline Color Sensation in Angel Rose and Fashion 21 lip cream

  I was really tired when I did this so forgive my bloodshot eyes. I was about to wash my face when I decided to just go ahead and film the tutorial.

   I know it didn't look good enough but I am planning to recreate this look using same technique but different colors.

   This is all for now and I do hope you like reading my blog. Please check out my youutube channel and subscribe. Thank you for reading and have a fabulous day ahead.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Quick and Simple Make up

Hi Guys,

    I was in the mood for filming videos when I did this look. I had no idea of which look to make. All I know is that I want to use my new Aido make up set which I filmed on my mini haul on the very same day. This blog took longer to publish because I've been really busy the whole week. It's already Friday and it's been 4 days since I filmed this tutorial. Anyway, enough of the talking and let's get started with the tutorial.

Products I used:
Eyes: ELF eyeshadow primer
         Aido make up set: light pink,lilac and matte brown
         Estee Lauder palette: riviera rose and sugar cube
         Nichido Mineral pencil liner: onyx
         Aido pencil liner: brown
         ELF: Lengthening and Defining Mascara

         Missha Complete BB cream
          Shawill Loose Powder
         Ever Bilena Advanced Concealer

Cheek: Aido make up set pink blush

Lips: Fashion 21 liquid lipstick
         Maybelline Angel Rose

        So there it is. I finally wrote a blog. I dont want to write too much because I dont want to bore you girls. :) I hope you enjoy this tutorial and I will talk to you on my next blog. Stay Fabulous!



Monday, January 9, 2012

Bee's Mini Haul_Watsons Gateway

Hi Guys,

     Today when I went to Gateway Mall to pick up the invites for Mandy's birthday. I knew it's near Watson's so I decided to visit and take a loot at some products that I might like. I ended up buying a lot but I set myself a limit. I had to pick the ones that I dont have yet and some stuff that I really need. So here's the list of the things I purchased:

 Watson's Naturals lip balm - Php69
  Watsons Men Lip Balm - Php69

 Aido Make up Set - Php495


 2 Fashion 21 liquid lipstick Php100/each

Marionnaud sponges

Nichido Mineral Kohl Pencil liner Php138

So there they are. The things that made me happy today. :) I hope you enjoy this blog guys and I'll talk to you on my next blog.

 Thanks a bunch and  Stay Fabulous!


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Get your Freak on Tag- 15 Weird Facts About You

Hi Guys,

     I've been meaning to do this tag from YT long time ago. Unfortunately, my laptop is not working well so I can't shoot my video.For that reason, I decided to write it for now so when I am ready to do the video, It'll be a lot easier because I have all the answers ready. Anyway, here they are.

#1. What's a nickname only your family calls you? 
       When I was little, my grandfather on my mum's side called me Weck and so the whole family including my other relatives on both side started calling me "Weck". or 'Weck Weck"..Sounds like a duck,huh? 

#2. What's a weird habit of yours? 
        I dont know if you call it wird habit but I always like to curl myself into ball when I'm sitting on my office chair. 

#3. Do you have any weird phobias? 
       I am afraid of worms. When I was in 4th grade, some of my bully classmates threw a fat worm on me and it made me cry so hard. I was really shakin' and my tummy went upside down. From that moment on, I hate to see worms even if it's on Tv or pictures.

#4. What's a song you secretly love to blast and belt out when you're alone? 
       Well, I am not good at singing and I rarely belt out a song even when I'm alone but if I do, it's probably my current fave songs. 

#5. What's one of your biggest pet peeves? 
       I hate last minute changes. It really upsets me when people have committed to do something with me but then change their minds. 

#6. What's one of your nervous habits? 
        I tend to sigh deeply when I'm nervous and then tell myself "it's gonna be ok".. :)

#7. What side of the bed do you sleep on? 
        I sleep on any side :) I'm pretty

#8. What was your first stuffed animal and it's name? 
       none..... :(

#9. What's the drink you always order at starbucks? 
         mocha frappe or dark mocha

#10. What's a beauty rule you preach, but never actually practice? 
         avoid touching your face and drink a lot of water. I tend to touch my face a lot especially when it feels really supple. I just can't avoid that so for that reason, I always keep a hand sanitizer in handy. Dont get me wrong,ok? My face doesn't feel supple all the time. It only feels that way when I had facial steam and mask. 
Next is drink a lot of water. Although I know how important water is to keep your skin hydrated, I tend to forget that a lot but that is one of  my NY resolutions.Drink a lot of water.

#11. Which way do you face in the shower? 
       away from the shower
#12. Do you have any 'weird' body 'skills'? 
       I can scratch my whole back :) ( see
#13. What's your favorite comfort food thats 'bad' but you love to eat it anyways?
        snickers!!!! when I feel sad or really tired, I always want to grab a bite of snickers. There was a time that I kept snickers in my drawer so I can eat them whenever. I noticed that I gained weight and that I am becoming addicted and started to depend on it so much so I controlled myself. 

#14. What's a phrase or exclamation you always say? 
#15. Time to sleep, what are you actually wearing? 
         I am wearing an old bf tshirt :) 

      So that's it pretty ladies! I hope you enjoy reading some weird facts about me and I will talk to you on my next blog.. Stay Fab!


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Late Holiday Post: OOTD and Haul

Hi Guys,

      I know it's a bit late but I just wanted to show you the videos that I filmed last holiday season. I had two videos but I just put them in one so it will be a lot easier to edit. 

     First thing that I'm gonna show you is the outfit that I wore on our Christmas party. I wore a red and green blouse and paired it up with shorts.  I bought the blouse from a factory outlet here in my area while I got the shorts from crissa. I accessorized my outfit with a belt then I used my red and green bangles to match with my outfit. For my shoes I wore my sandals from celine. 

  Next on the video was my Christmas present haul. I got most of my presents earlier. First is the office chair. I know it's not the first thing that I mentioned from my video but it's actually the first present I got on that day. I was so happy to receive it because that is something I wouldn't buy for myself or maybe it would take a lot of time before I consider getting myself one. And when I say a lot of means more than a year or so.. Anyway, right after I got the office chair, my parcel from Korea came and my heart was pounding so fast. The package was from my students in Korea. They got me a lot of cosmetics...I know because I requested for it. They asked me what I wanted so what else would I say? Of course Korea is known for really good cosmetics and because some of them are expensive when you buy them here in the Philippines, I thought of asking for some cosmetics. So on the evening on that same day, I went to the Christmas party just like what I said on my OOTD video, my friends and I had a party. As usual, they requested me to bring my specialty which is a Korean chicken dish called "DAK KANG JUNG". We exchanged gifts and two of my friends gave her Christmas present in advance. Anyway, this day was really something. I was so tired while filming the video but I really thought I would share with you guys my Christmas presents. I was really tired and I was sick when i filmed this video but I still managed to film it til the end. 

 So here's the list of the things I got from my students:

missha Time Revolution white cure (Toner and Moisturizer)

Missha Nail Polish in 6 different colors.
Missha Velvet art shadow palette

Missha complete BB cream
Missha sunblock 
 Missha Signature series lipstick

                                                     Missha sample products                                                    Nature Republic masks in green tea, aloe vera and advance cell boosting ex.   

To all the people who gave all of these to me, Thank you so much. I really appreciated everything from the bottom of my heart. I think I am enjoying this blogging thing way too much..Thank you so much for patiently reading my blog . This is all for now and I hope to talk to you on my next blog.  


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Simple Daytime Look

Hi guys, 

      I went to the zoo last week with the kids and I thought i would do a simple daytime look make up tutorial. I've been trying to film a tutorial but unfortunately, i wasn't successful. anyway, enough of the talking and here's my video:

Here are the products that i use in this video:

 Missha complete bb cream
 eb advance concealer in velvet nude
 shawill loose powder in #2

  estee lauder make up palette
  maybelline studio gel liner

  estee lauder make up palette

    maybelline lipbalm
    maybelline color sensational in angel rose

 Outfit of the day:
       Since I'm gonna be with kids, I decided to make it really simple and comfortable. I had my Chuck's NerdHerd shirt that I got from Youprint. They make custom shirt at a very low price! And then I had my pink plaid blouse,short pants and flip flops. I have to be ready for chasing after the kids :) 

Here's the link to You Print's FB page: 

  You can experiment different colors with your simple daytime look. You dont have to use the same products that i used. :) 

  I hope you enjoy my tutorial and you that you find it helpful. See you in my next tutorial and stay fab! 


Haul: Huge Holiday Collection

Hi Guys it's me again Bee. I went shopping last week so I thought I'd share with your guys the things I purchased. I wanted to have a new collection of shoes,bags and clothes that's why I bought all of them. I dont do it normally but December is the only time I really buy a lot of things. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my haul and here's the list of the things you saw in the video:

Lace Blouse (Php400) I bought it in a store somewhere. 

SM Dept store Items:
Crissa shorts (Php200/pair) 
Prima Leopard Skirt (Php999)
Gray Cardigan (Php300)
Marionnaud Brushes : pointed eyeshadow brush (Php69) eyeshadow brush (Php119)
black stockings (Php139)
Fanny Serrano slim eyelash curler (125)
Maybelline Extreme stiletto (349) ....cant remember
Parisian Satchel (Php600)
Parisian Shoes (Php400)

2 for 999 shoes
2 for 1999 bags

oxford pumps (Php1699) - This is actually the most expensive shoes I bought for today and probably my whole like..LOL :)) 

I hope you enjoy watching my holiday haul and I will talk to you guys soon! Stay Fab!


My Makeup Story

Hi Guys!

     This is the first time that I'm gonna write here in my beauty blog. As a started, I would like to tell you my make up story. I did this first in YT (My Make up Story Tag) but since it was my first time, I was having a hard time expressing my thoughts. So here I am writing My Makeup Story . 

Here are the questions below:
1. How old were you when you started wearing makeup?

   I started putting make up when I was 13. being A girl, I like to experiment on beauty. I first started using shimmery white shadow for eye make up and baby powder on my face. When I was younger, I hated the feeling of having the foundation or even press powder on my face. I really thought it was uncomfortable. I also didn't like the way it looked cakey. So because of that I prefer baby powder or loose powder until I started working. 
2. How did you get into makeup?

   as a young girl, i was amazed with make up and anything about beauty. When i was a kid, just like the other little girls, i played with my mom and grandma's make up too.  i wanted to learn how to put make up but nobody taught me back then. My mom was not even into it. she was satisfied with her lipstick and baby powder. the lipstick would serve as an eyeshadow,blush and of course for lip color. so i didn't really have anyone to rely on when it comes to make up. it was only when i started doing my homebased job that i decided to learn, so i started searching for make up tutorials in yt. That's when i got into, xteeener and bubzbeauty. That's when i really started trying things out but still, i dont think i tried hard enough. i'm still on the process of learning more things about make up so hopefully in the future i'll be the best. 
3. What are some of your favorite brands?
   I dont have favorite brands. I use what I think is good for my skin and something that would last long. 

4. If you could only wear 4 products on your face what would they be?

   1. brow liner- i dont have thick eyebrows so i needed this to redefine my brows and make it appear thicker.I can go out without anything on but brow liner. i can also use this as an eye liner.
   2. bb cream- i like how it moisturizes my skin and make it look dewy. I also like the coverage it gives to the skin. it's always perfect to use bb cream for daily make up.
   3. lipstick- just like what i told you earlier, my mom used to use lipstick as an eye shadow, blush and lip color. so i guess this is something i would always  have. 
   4. Mascara- I like how it automatically brighten up your eyes and gives you that sexy and flirty lashes you always want to have. :)
5. What does makeup mean to you?
    Make up is something that automatically gives confidence to women like me. Putting make up doesn't mean you want to conceal something or you're not confident about how you look. Make up is something that enhances the beauty that we have. I really think that every woman is beautiful and everybody deserves to feel beautiful. 

6. What is your favorite thing about makeup?

  just like what i said on the 5th question, i like how it automatically lifts my confidence or gives me more confidence. i love how it makes me feel more beautiful. 
7. What do you think about drugstore makeup vs high end makeup?

  honestly, i dont own a large collection of make up and most of the high end make up that i have were just given to me. when it comes to drugstore make up, as long as it's good and it doesn't harm my skin, i'm gonna use them .
8. What is one tip of advice you can give to a beginner?

  just keep experimenting.
9. What is one makeup trend you never understood?

   i know in my video i said something about the saleslady putting too much make up on but i guess that's just something that i can't understand and i know it's not a make up trend. when it comes to arch on the eyebrows, i think i never understood why some people want to arch their brows too much. when following the natural shape of your brows is way much better. anyway, i dont mean to offend anyone. i'm just trying to say what's on my mind. :) peace^__^v
10. What do you think about the beauty community on YouTube?

     I am so grateful that YT has created something like this. I think that the beauty community in YT is awesome and I am so thankful to those people who shared their knowledge to the people around the globe if it's not for them , I dont think I would learn the things that I know now easily. So Thank you so much beauty bloggers!!! 

 I know said so much and I am hoping that you're reading this blog til the end because I would really appreciate it. I know am an amateur to this but hopefully, I'd be able to learn more things so I can also share more with all of you guys. Thank you so much for your time and patience on reading this. 

 This is all for now and I hope to talk to you on my next blog.