Sunday, June 2, 2013

Wedding Guest Outfit/Face of the Day (HMUA of the day!)

So I had the chance to do my cousin's entourage makeup last Friday. I had to do 5 bridesmaids and my aunts' makeup as part of the package they availed for my hair and makeup services. I am glad I had my sister assist me for the hair( it was her first gig!hooray!).

Being the official  hair and makeup artist of the family, made it hard for me to have enough time get myself all dolled up.

I had no choice that day but to resort to my go-to glam hair and makeup.

For my face I did simple eye makeup, sun-kissed face and Vavavoom super red lips! For my hair, I made a tiny poof and let my hair straight down for a more polished look.

What I used:
Maybelline Shine Free 2way powder foundation
Cinema Secrets Moisture Spray

ELF Dual Blush and Bronzer

Elizabeth Arden Palette
Revlon Color Stay liquid pen liner
Mary Lash Love

Mary Kay Creme Lipstick in Rouge

few bobby pins and Loreal Hair AeroSpray


       Originally, I was going for a flapper style that's why I chose the dress I borrowed to my cousin plus my go-to glam red pumps.

Dress: Landmark
Shoes: Divisoria
Accessories: What Women Want by SM Accessories.

Even though my flapper style attempt failed, I still got compliments from my fabulous family and they were like " Were you really busy? How come you still had time to be glamorous?" and I was like "Oh well that's what red lipstick and a little confidence can do! "

I hope you find this post helpful in getting easy glammed up look on special occasions.

Thanks for reading and STAY FABULOUS!

Miss Bee