Sunday, May 5, 2013

Virtual Assistant and Recruitment Leader, Virtual Staff Finder, hits ‘1,000 VA’s Hired’ Milestone!

Virtual Staff Finder has certainly come a long way from the time it was founded in 2010. Its main purpose was to bridge the gap for entrepreneurs wanting to outsource business processes, but require less man power, or are perhaps working with smaller budgets.

Since it’s inception, Virtual Staff Finder has not only bridged this gap, but has revolutionized how small business owners and startup entrepreneurs operate. Virtual Assistants (VA’s) now play a major role in this big change. By providing VA’s who are not only experienced and skilled, but also reliable and stay working for employers long-term, entrepreneurs are able to leverage their time like never before, ending in them focusing ON their businesses, instead of being trapped working IN their business.

Being able to continuously provide a premium service to their clients and help Filipino VA’s get hired everyday is a privilege that the Cebu City based company cherish. And with reaching 1,000 Filipino hires this year, they’veproven that the Virtual Staff Finder service is one that can not only change the lives of the clients they work with, but also to the Filipino VA’s who find real, decent paying jobs through working with them.
Founder and CEO, Chris Ducker, has this to say about this truly remarkable achievement:

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"This is a major milestone for our company, for our clients and most importantly for the 1,000 Filipino virtual assistants that have found full-time jobs through our service. It just goes to show you that if you work hard, have a clear corporate vision and focus on helping people, there's no limit to what you can achieve. I'm very proud of this amazing accomplishment…", said Ducker from the company’s HQ in Mandaue City, Cebu.
With more Filipinos starting to pursue an online career each year, Virtual Staff Finder are sure that not only will they be able to help more Filipinos find work, but also team up with hundreds more entrepreneurs from around the world to help them build, promote and grow their businesses.

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Virtual Staff Finder has truly become not only the pioneer, but without a doubt, the leader in virtual staffing solutions. By continuing to provide the best service as well as resources that can help both their clients and VA’s work well with each other, they continue to grow and thrive as a company.

For more information on Virtual Staff Finder, along with their services and products visit on your desktop, or mobile device.

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