Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Coming Home to Mandaue Foam

Hey guys!

  I was browsing through youtube when I saw this video: 

And then it made me think.. What would my home belike

This is how I always imagine my house would be like.

 I want a simple house with a lot of windows and a porch where my family can spend time to on a beautiful sunny day. I also want enough bedrooms for the whole family and  a nice and cozy  living room where we can enjoy a nice movie marathon together. And of course, I wont forget the kitchen and dining just because I love to cook and we love to eat!

So since you now know how I imagine what my house would be like, let me take you to an imaginary tour inside my dream house!  Come in and see what my good finds are from Mandaue Foam!!

First stop, the living room. Just like what I said I want it to be nice and cozy.

An L shape sofa can never go wrong for a big family like mine. I picked a black one so I can always accentuate it with other different colors plus having a lot of kids in the house can keep the sofa from gathering too much dirt! 

Picture frames.. a lot of them.Just because I love taking pictures of my kids. I will post each and every achievements they have on our walls just like facebook! A like button will also be perfect! LOL
And of course a complete home theatre system will make any living room perfect! 
                                                 and I will place them here!


Now you see my living room, let me take you to the kitchen and dining room....

 This is my dream kitchen. It's just simple but the window on the kitchen sink area made it perfect!

This classy and comfy dining set from Mandaue Foam is what I want for my dining area. This is perfect for a big family like mine. I always believe that a family that having a meal with the family is the best part of anyone's day as you can share good memories with them while sharing good meal together. 

Ok so you see the first floor of my house, now let me take you the 2nd floor.

Here's what my children's bedroom would look like. I saw this in Mandaue foam and thought it would be perfect for all of them 

Now let head on to my office. Since I am working from home, it's very important for me that my work station will be comfy and nice. 

 A comfortable chair is a must have since I always spend long hours in front of my computer

The next 2 items are not supposed to be in one's office but in my case, they're must haves! Being a beauty blogger made me imagine my office to have these so it's like office/vanity corner

So now you see my office. Let's head on to my bedroom. Here are the things that you can find. 

A big comfy bed where you can snuggle up and talk with your partner for life about how your day was. Also have a good night sleep together so you can be ready to face another beautiful day!

Now you've seen my home, my get out of my imagination! ^__^v

As you can see, it's always good to have the things that will give you not only style but comfort that you need in your daily life. 
How about you? How would you house look like?
I would love to hear from you... 
Your home, your imagination! 

Miss Bee

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