Saturday, July 14, 2012

Shoe Haul: Can't Get Enough of Them! ^__^

Ola Bellas! 

I'm sure a lot of you have seen the quotation above. I personally believe that no one can actually judge ones' situation until they experience it themselves. No problem is greater than the others. It all depends on how we deal with it and how we look into it.  I am no perfect. I must admit that I am still trying to practice this.  It's really hard when you judge someone right away. Then when you get to know them, you realize that you were wrong.  "Eh di para kang kumuha ng batong ipupukpok mo sa sarili mo!" It is a saying in Tagalog and that's exactly how I feel whenever I judge someone without knowing them better first. "NahwatImean??"
Anyway, so no one should ever judge base on what they see from the outside. Just like what Melanie Marquez said "Dont judge my brother. He is not a book!!!". LOL :D I think you get my point,rriigghhhtt?

Ok.. ok enough of that and let's head on to the main subject! It's Haul Time!!!! Geeez, I just sounded like a SHOPAHOLIC there. teehihi!

I recently purchased few pairs of shoes and I absolutely love them all! I am currently obsessed with bright colors that's why I wanted to add them in my closet. I bought bright colored blouses and pants and like I said, SHOES!  Here they are:

Here's the pair I was able to purchase because of my student. I already blogged about this in my Birthday Haul post. I've been wanting to have this since I laid my eyes on it in Zalora so I was so glad that an unexpected birthday present came. 

So the next pairs that you will see are all  from Privileged. You can find it at Robinson's Ermita. (almost said SM) teehihi! I ran out of flat shoes so I decided to get some pairs last time I went there. 

And I can'tt stress anymore how obsess I am in bright colors! Here's apair of  pale pink and turquoise flats I got for Php395 
Though I must say that I super love the colors of this flats, I dont think it's very comfortable to wear. I tried only in the mall. Hopefully it will become comfortable once I break it in and gives me "paltos" (blister)!

NEXT!!! I instantly fell in love with this pair as soon as I saw it while I was still in the escalator! I instantly spotted this one and decided to get it. Php500

Of course out of all the brightness we still need something to neutralize it. I mean, I am no expert when it comes to fashion but I do know, when you're wearing bright clothes, you should at least have something to neutralize it. So in case I decided to wear bright, I will have this pair of flats to neutralize it. It's kind of nude-ish brown.  This was actually my "I-have-no-choice" pick since most of the nude flats that I tried didn't fit me well or they ran out of my size so yeah.. picked this instead. Php395 

That's all folks! If you have any questions regarding the sizing or durability or whatever it is you have in mind, just comment down on this blog post. I may have to review them sooner or later. I have to break them in first :) 

Thank you for reading and STAY FABULOUS!

Miss Bee


  1. Oh Bee!!! This post made me want to splurge on s-h-o-e-s!!! I've been eye-ing a lot of shoes online! Gyah! Gotta work hard!!! =D

    1. You can too! just treat yourself 1 pair per pay day.. :) what's ur shoe size?

  2. all those shoes looks awesome dear!!! love the first photo also!! i love the colorblocking and how it wil add colour life to your dull life moment or outfits!! looking forward to see you wearing them! thanks again x0x0

    1. thanks! I wore the first one yesterday. Outfit post will be posted soon! :)

  3. I love all shoes from zalora, and I like that birthday shoes. Is it comfy? I'm a new follower.