Friday, September 28, 2012

Outfit Post: Chief Editor Peg ( Chic on a Budget)

Hello Lovelies, 

    It's be again for another post. It's Friday and like I said on my last post, I will try my best to write at least once a week. 

    Anyway, last week I decided to go to church on Saturday since my dad will go the same day. I dont
normally wear something special when I attend worship services but I just felt a little chic-ish that day.

So here's what I came up with 

My inspiration? Well I dont know..I have been wanting to pull off this outfit but as some of you might know, I am working from home so I rarely dress up like this. For me it's a luxury to go to church looking like this. Anyway, my inspiration maybe are the chief editors of some famous magazine. Their looks simply amaze me
and of course they look so fierce and strong but you still see the woman in them. They truly symbolizes Women Power! 

What I wore: 

Blazer from Dalaguita (Greenhills)

Leopard print bag which cost me 3 bags to exchange with my sis

White Dress from Tiangge
My ankle boots are from Primadonna (Php1299) which I got December last year as part of my huge holiday haul. 

As you notice I didn't wear any accessories because I felt like it's already too much. 

Here's another shot..I dont know if it's the angle of the shot, or if my heels are too high or maybe our ceiling is just to low that made me look short in this photo. Oh well can you see my grandma's pic on the wall? Now you know where we get our "kikayness" from!

I hope you enjoy reading this post. Thank you so much for reading and Stay Fabulous!

Miss Bee


  1. Gorgeous! Sayang! Di tayo nagkita!!! =D

    We have the same reasons for dressing up! Hahaha! =D

  2. I love the booties Ms. Bee! And Yes! You look so chic!


  3. Ang cute ng outfit! You kinda look like Kim Chiu (spelling? haha)

    (following you via GFC... ^^)