Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tag Videos: What's in My Purse? and My Makeup Bag

Hey Gorgeous,

      I wanted to share with you a little story about  the videos I filmed a couple of weeks ago. If you notice, I have been uploading some tag videos in Youtube lately. These videos were filmed before I got terribly sick. While I was editing these videos, I noticed that I got bloodshot eyes. My eyes are normally reddish but in those videos they were terribly red. I was not feeling well the day before I filmed them but I didn't realize that I will be terribly sick. On that same day (Monday), I filmed 3 videos just so I want to be able to use my free time in a more productive way. Anyway, I was happy that I was able to film some videos before I got sick. Enough of the talking and I hope you guys enjoy my tag videos and if you have a channel in youtube, maybe you can try them too!

What's in My Purse? - Here's the video I filmed after the "7 Deadly Sins of Beauty" tag video. I was in hurry in this video because my laptop had some problem as some of you know. In this video you can see my Celine bag that I purchased last December and it was included in my Huge December haul video.

This video was filmed in the after while I was on break and it was also the last video I filmed that day. After this video was take, I suddenly felt sick ;(  Anyway, in here I showed the stuff I put in my makeup bag which I rarely use even when I'm out. I usually dont care if my makeup doesn't look good anymore. I'm lazy like that...LOL ^_^

I hope you guys enjoy watching my tag videos and I am gonna work on a tutorial pretty soon. ^_^ 

Thank you so much and Stay Fabulous! 

Miss Bee

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