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Krave Minerale is L-O-V-E Series -Episode 2 - Mist Spritz Makeup Setting MIst

Hey Lovely Bellas!!!

          Here I am again for my 2nd episode of Krave Minerale is L-O-V-E and today I will do a review for Mist Spritz Setting Spray. So as I already made my introduction about KMC on the previous episode, this blog will be shorter (I hope so...)

Let's start our discussion!!

What is KMC Mist Spritz?
           Mist Spritz is a setting spray applied after you're done with your regular makeup routine. It sets your makeup to help it last all throughout the day. This product is also best for re-hydrating your skin especially with our country's scorching heat. It's so refreshing plus your skin can get a lot of benefits from it. To know more about this product, check out this link :

The story....... (Once upon a time....)
             I have been looking for a cheap setting spray for a long time now. It's hard to find since all of the setting spray are expensive plus it's hard to take a risk if they will not work well for me. So while I was browsing KMC's products (and here I am with the "Once upon a time" ANyway, while I was browsing, I came across their makeup setting spray and when I checked the price, I was like "OMG!! I should get this like right now!!!". I've been browsing KMC's product and I was wondering why I didn't notice the Mist Spritz before. I always wanted to buy conceal and correct and the oil eliminator but I was just lazy to send a message,list down my order,fill out the order form and all that stuff you need to do when you buy things online. Anyway, so I sent KMC a message and they informed me that all the products are given to their distributors. They give me a list of people I can contact for my order and so procrastination kicked in! I was so excited but then got lazy to text my orders..LOL..I did that the next day. As soon as Ms Hazel Tan replied to my message, I immediately asked someone to deposit my payment so I can get my items ASAP. It came after few days because I ordered it on Friday and then I got it on MOnday. I think the shipping will be faster if it didn't fall on the weekend.

What I can say about this product:

             When I first tried the product, I wasn't able to take a picture of it because I was so busy. Anyway, I went out for few hours and when I looked at myself in the mirror after long hours, I was surprised because my makeup still looked good. My makeup didn't smear even when I was sweating as if I was in a sauna due to the scorching heat. I also got the chance to use this product when I did my sister's makeup on her civil wedding. She was all scared because her face is oilier than mind and she's worried that her makeup will just melt away because of the temperature. Since I was confident that Mist Spritz will help her save the day, I told her "Trust me and shut up!" so she just patiently let me do my thing. So before we went to the city hall she told me 'Ate oo nga..di nga siya natunaw" and I was like "told yah!". It was just one hour and she was already satisfied.. Anyway, hours past and her makeup was still ok although it smeared a little bit during the day, she was still satisfied that her face didn't look oily. I also partnered Mist Spritz with Oil Eliminator. 

            Mist Spritz costs Php200 for a 30ml bottle. Even though I know that it is expensive for a small bottle, I think it's also a good find because you dont have to take a risk in buying expensive ones with big bottles and end up not liking it. Luckily, I fell in love with this product and it's the product that I'm going to have a love affair with for a long time. Mist Spritz is also convenient to carry around in your makeup bag because of the small bottle.

So here are some photos I took using Mist Spritz

                                             This photo was taken after I did my hair.
This one was in the evening almost 7pm before going to church. 

Now this one was taken almost 10pm. After church I got stuck in the traffic jam so I walked for more than 30minutes and it was raining! But look! My makeup stayed on even after sweating all day. 
My Final Say.......
        Mist Spritz is a holy grail. It can help your makeup stay on even after a long day. And take note, I am not working in an air conditioned room but my makeup managed to stay on with the help of this product. 
           So there you have my episode 2 of Krave Minerale is L-O-V-E and I hope you find this helpful. Till next time and I will talk to you on my next blog. Thank you for reading and Stay Fabulous! 

Miss Bee
disclaimer: This product review is not sponsored. All of the things I said here are my honest opinion. 

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