Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Makeup Trend 2012: Bright Eyeliner

Hey Pretty Ladies!

      As we all know summer is fast approaching and I am just loving the colors for this season. I am not a summer person but I dont know what got into me but except for the scorching heat, I am so lovin SUMMER season. I am so excited to go shopping for summer outfits which I dont normally do and I can't wait to go to the beach and get myself tanned (again..this is totally not me). So I can say that I am not being me this season. I don't want to take it negatively and I hope you do the same. I am just embracing new stuff lately. I feel like I was so trapped in my own world and that is just gloomy.. And the colors that I used to love reflected on my life. Again, dont get me wrong.. I am happy with my life but it just feels like it's not enough. It's really hard to explain and maybe I am just not good at expressing myself well. Anyway, lately bright colors always catch my attention and I just love how these colors automatically shift my mood. I feel really happy when  I see bright colors so I thought "why not wear them?". I decided to always add bright colors in my outfit whenever I go out but hey, I love wearing bright makeup too so when I saw a picture of a model wearing bright eyeliner from Mally Beauty's FB page, I instantly fell in love with it. I know that bright eyeliner will be the trent for Sping this 2012 and I told myself that I would definitely wear it a lot!!!

      Anyway, enough of the blah-blah-blah.. I think I always do that a lot in my blogs. So...let's jump into the tutorial if you want to learn how I did the look.

Products I used:
Missha BB cream
Ever BIlena Advance stick foundation
Ever bilena Advance concealer
Maybelline all in one clear smooth dual powder

James Cooper brow pencil
Estee Lauder Pure color palette
Lulu Makeup Beverly hills palette

Estee Lauder Pure color palette

Lips: Lulu makeup Beverly hills palette

Featured Product
 As always I prep my face with toner, moisturizer and  primer. I also applied BB cream first as  a base. 

   First prime your lids. 
   Next thing that you need to do is take a taupe eye shadow and apply it on your crease. This will give definition to your eyes. 

   Now, for the bright eyeliner, you can use bright liquid liner to make this so much easier. But as for me, I dont have any bright liners so take an eyeliner brush and spray a little bit of water. Dip it into any bright eye shades that you want. The brighter the happier :) Apply it anyway you want.. You can apply a thin one, you can do a cateye..Wing it  out and so on.. In the look that I did in my video, I didn't apply anything on my lower lash line but you can also apply the liner there. You can also extend it a little bit more on the inner corner of your eyes. You can do it anyway you want. 

   Next is tightline your eyes. You have many ways to do this. You can use liquid liner gel liner and so on...But I am just lovin a more natural looking line so take another eyeliner brush, spray a little bit of water and then take any matte black shadow that your have and apply it as close to your lash line as possible. 

   Last thing for your eyes, curl your lashes and apply mascara. 

Now more for the face:
    Just like what I always do, I apply foundation after I did my eye makeup. I also applied concealer under my eyes then set it with a powder. 

note: You can do this step before the eye makeup if you want to. 

For blush I used my all time fave palette but you can use any pink blush that you have. 

For the lips, I applied nude pink lipstick from the beverly hills palette. I also think that a bright pink lips would go so well with the eye makeup. 

And Voila! There you have my version of bright eyeliner. I will post more pictures on my TUMBLR . 

I hope you enjoy this blog tutorial and I will talk to you again on my next blog. 

Thanks for reading and Stay Fabulous

happy me :)

Miss Bee

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