Sunday, March 4, 2012

Kim Nana Inspired "No Makeup" Makeup and Usamimi Headband

Hey Everyone,

     I am a big fan of Lee Min Ho and I dont know why it took me a lot of courage to start watching his drama series "City Hunter". Maybe because I know myself. I know that once I start watching, I will not be able to stop. Well, it actually happened. I was able to finish the whole series for 1 week. Anyway, if you're watching this series, you probably know Kim Nana (Park Min Young). In the series, she wore this cute headband and it was only until last weekend when I found out that it's called a wireband. It is actually called Usamimi in Japan. When City Hunter aired in Korea, my student told me that they raved over this headband and I am so glad that I found this in Alabang Town Center. It's a little more expensive than what I would spend for a single headband but I really thought that it's worth it.

    I decided to make another "no makeup" makeup tutorial but this time, I'm gonna use different techniques plus I'm gonna use my "Usamimi" headband so yeah..let's get started!!!

Step by Step

1. Apply BB cream all over your face and apply some on your neck.
2. Apply concealer in a triangular motion and blend well. This will highlight your face even more.
3. Take a light eyeshadow and apply it on your lids.
4. Take the taupe shade and apply it on your crease area to add some definition.
5. This is a new way to tightline your eyes. Take your eyeliner brush then spray some water then take any matte black shadow. Then you can start tightlining your eyes.
6. Curl your lashes and apply mascara.
7. Apply cream blush. Make sure you blend well to achieve a natural looking blush.
8. Set off everything with a powder but dont apply it all over your face to achieve that dewy glow.
9. Apply lipstick  on your lower lips then blend it using your finger and then apply lipbalm.

So here's the final look with my usamimi headband :)

    I hope you enjoy this tutorial and I will talk to you on my next blog :)Thank you so much and
Stay Fabulous!

Miss Bee

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