Sunday, June 24, 2012

Back to School: Daily Makeup

Hello My Lovely Readers

        How was your weekend? Mine was super great because I was able to bond with my family again. I saw KimmyDora and the Temple of Keme (hope I spelled that one right) with them. The movie was fun so now I am ready for a new week ahead of me. Anyhoo, speaking of new week.  I know it's been ages since I last filmed a tutorial. So I decided to repost one of my makeup tutorials here in my blog which is the Kim Nana Inspired Makeup. It can actually be an everyday look for school. I believe that when you're a student, you should have less makeup. I know we, girls can't help it. It's our nature, but we should at least make it look natural so we can maintain young looking face. 

So here's the makeup tutorial that you can wear to school everyday :) Enjoy!

Step by step instructions CLICK HERE

List of Products
Missha Real Complete BB Cream
Ever Bilena Advance Concealer
ELF Eyeshadow Primer
Estee Lauder Pure Color Palette
Aido Makeup Set 
Maybelline Extreme Stiletto 
San San Mousse Blush in Pink Blush
Shawill Loose Powder 
Missha Lipstick
Maybelline tinted lip balm 

I hope you enjoy watching the video and if you ever try to do this look, please let me know you are always welcome to post your pictures in my FACEBOOK PAGE

Thank you all for reading my blog and I will talk to you again next time :) 
Stay Fabulous!

Miss Bee


  1. what a pretty face!! :) nice tutorial :)