Tuesday, June 19, 2012

San San Haul and Swatches

Hey Lovelies!
 If you have read my Weekend Galore blog, you probably know that I'd picked out some San San products from their weekend sale.

             Here they are!!! 
2 Concealer in Olive and Natural (Php60 each from Php90)
1 Liquid Base Makeup in Olive (Php36 from Php90) unbelievable price,isn't it?
1 Mousse Blush (Php70 from Php120)

Let's Start off with the concealers 

1st shade: Natural 

Natural Shade
Here's what it looks like inside 

swatch at the back of my hand

This shade is actually good if you're going to do the proper highlight/contour technique because as you can see it's really light. I can't wait to try this one for a tutorial!

2nd Shade: Olive
Here's how it looks like inside

Swatch at the back of my hand. 
This shade is perfect for my skin tone as of the moment because my skin is a bit darker than usual. It is actually good to use for men because it blends well on the skin. 

The Packaging
Glass type lid looks pretty sturdy and I think it wont break easily even after using for a long time. 

Mousse Blush
Mocha Blush

Here's a look inside the product :)

Glass type pot which I absolutely love!

the lid

Here's a swatch on my skin without anything on. 

Here's another swatch on top of concealer I applied earlier.

I love San San Mousse blush because it's pigmented and it's super blendable. I have been using the Pink Blush shade for a long time and I can't wait to try this Mocha blush shade. 

Liquid Base Makeup in Olive

tiny bit amount at the back of my hand. It has really creamy texture.

swatch after blending it a little bit. 

I can say that the shade is a bit darker than my skin tone so I can't use it on me. I'd probably get a lighter shade which I am totally not aware of because the shade is not too visible in the bottle. 

So this wraps up my haul and I do hope you find this helpful. I hope you get some idea on what to get next time you go to HBC. :)

Thank you all for reading and Stay Fabulous! 

Miss Bee


  1. Nice haul! Good deals on those items! Too bad I wasnt able to drop by during their sale. Oh well. :P

    1. I think they always have items on discount plus their regular prices are not that bad :)