Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend Galore: Movie, Freebies,Food and Haul

Hey Lovelies!

     How was your weekend? Did you have fun? Whether, you had a girl bonding, pampered yourself in spa,went shopping or simply stayed home with your family, we all know that weekend is the highly anticipated days of the week. During the weekends, we get to recharge energy and release all the stress we got from a exhausting week at work or in school so we will be ready for a whole new week again.

As for me, I rarely enjoy the weekend because I still work on Saturdays and Sundays but of course I still give myself a time to relax and rest. Spending time with my family is great way to release stress because I get to laugh a lot with them. Before or after I go to church which is by the way on top of my weekend "to-do list", I always spend lunch time with my family. It's my CHEAT DAY! Whether we're having a very simple meal which consist of veggies, meat/fish, the famous Lapid Chicharon and of course.. Our  meal will not be enough without COKE!!

Anyway let me share to you what I did this weekend. It's not the typical church and family day because I get the chance to see a movie and try out new things.

Let's start off with Snow White and the Huntsman on Friday evening. The movie was sponsored by Skin White and I was one of the lucky 100 bloggers to win tickets for the exclusive screening in Shang Cineplex.

The Sponsors

The Movie (oh how I love Chris Hemsworth!!)

Face of the Day 

 The line when I came to Shang Cineplex

Goody bags :) 

So that's what I did on Friday..Come Saturday and I was so excited to try the famous Bon Chon. I went to Bon Chon Greenhills and it's located in Promenade in front of the Theatre Mall.

Face of the Day

Spicy Chicken Wings

Bulgogi Rice Bowl

After having a sumptuous meal at Bon Chon, I saw an HBC outlet while I was walking around Greenhills and guess what?! They're on Sale!

I got these babies for now over Php250. I can't wait to try them and do the review. I will post a separate blog for this one :) 

And the comes Sunday.. Few more hours and I'm back to work. After church and lunch time with my family, I came back home earlier than usual because I wanted to clean up my room. So here's the final look of my newly cleaned room! I love how my bed sheet and curtain match the color of my room :) 

So after a very wonderful weekend, I am ready to welcome another week a work with a smile! 
Cheers and let's wait for another weekend to come! 
Miss Bee


  1. Oh Bee!!! I love your room! I wanna do some changes in our room, too... kaso andaming kaylangang ayusin dito... that's why I want to have our own house na, para walang problem when it comes to rearranging stuff or other things sa house... =)

    1. Thanks sis! Naku dati na ganyan yan.. Natuwa lang ako sa colors nung curtain..Di ko naisip na nagmatch pala kaya natuwa ako after ko maglinis. Yung desk ko I had it built-in sa wall. I used the materials from my old tv rack. Sayang naman kasi :)