Saturday, June 30, 2012

Birthday Haul

Ola Lovely Bellas!!! 
This June, I celebrated my 25th birthday. I'm kinda excited with it because I know I am going to face a new chapter in my life. I know some people actually worry about their age so much. For me, it's just a number. What matters is that I get more matured everytime. I know for myself that I am not just growing older. I am growing up. I strive harder to become a better me. I call it Bianca 5.0! LOL 

Growing old is inevitable. Growing up is a choice

Anyhoo, here's another haul for you. These are the things I got for my birthday. 
Here's my first makeup traincase that I asked my cousin to get for me while she was on vacay in the US. This is from Caboodle and she got it for $38. It's my gift to myself since it's really hard to carry makeup when I'm on gig.

Makeup Train case from Caboodle

Here are the things I got from the people I love :)
A blouse that I bought from my Aunt and
 my dad paid for it.

Tank tops from my Tita Ana and my Dad. It also
 comes in hot pink

Scarf from my friend Madel

Victoria's Secret Body Lotion from my Atchie Shyne 

Here's a Makeup Set from Nordstrom which my Aunt gave me. She was too excited to give this to me ^__^

What's inside:
84 shadows (matte, semi matte and shimmer)
60 Lip shades
6 blush shades
2 eye pencils (black and brown)
4 tools (applicators and brushes)

Here are my students' presents 

Present from my student Alex all the way from Santiago,Chile

 A coin purse from her hometown in Ecuador

He got this while he was on vacay with his family in Argentina.
It's rhodochrosite stone and he said it's famous in Argentina :) 

My student's mom sent me money as a present and because I want to spend it in something I can remember, I finally purchased the shoes I've been eyeing from Zalora. It hasn't arrived yet since it will come from Singapore. I'm still waiting for it and I can't wait to lay my feet on this love pair of shoes! 

Vrinz Elle Heels from my student Alvin 

Above all the material things I got for my birthday is the gift that God has given me. He has given me another year to live my life with my children. He has given me another year to spend time with my love ones and most of all, the chance to serve Him and to receive His love. I thank Him for another year and for the new year that I am about to face again and I am certain that no matter what happens, He will always guide me. 

I hope you enjoy reading my blog. Thank you very much and Stay Fabulous! 

Miss Bee 


  1. Belated Happy Birthday! just droppin by... love the stuff you got. Now I wish I ordered the bigger Caboodles train case...LOL.. I have the Black Lace Caboodles train case which is slightly smaller than the one you got.

    1. Hi Hollie :) Thanks for the greeting :) I like the lace one too but I am aiming for something bigger and more professional style. Actually this is smaller than the one I really wanted (12" Pro Vanity Case )but my cousin said it's not available so she got it instead. Anyway, thanks for reading Hollie <3