Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Green and Gold Makeup Tutorial: For Standard Eyes and Monolids

Hey Everyone,

     I'm back for another makeup tutorial for all you ladies out there. Last weekend, I helped my friends in their garage sale. My friends gave me some makeup and one of them is the Beauty Angel Palette. It has 12 eye shadows and 2 blush. The shadows comes with shimmery,satin and semi matte shades.

   I decided to use this palette today just because. I decided to use green and gold so if you want to learn how I did this look, stay tune and let's jump into everything.

Products Used:
Beauty Angel Palette

Inside the Palette
NYX nude on Nude

Other eye products
Face Products

Lip Products

    As always, I already prep my face with toner,moisturizer,primer and foundation.

1. Apply primer on your lids and under your lower lash line.
2. Take the gold shade and apply it on the inner 2/3 of you lids. Make sure you spread it evenly.
3. Next, take this light green shadow and apply it on the outer third of your lids and work you way in the crease area.
4. Take the medium shade of green from the palette (thyme-ish) and apply it on your outer V. Blend it well together with the other 2 shades we applied earlier.
5.  Take this darkest green shadow and blend it together with the medium green shade.
6. Now to add more definition on your eyes,black shadow from the same palette and apply it on the outer corner of your eyes in circular motion working your way a little bit in.
7. Blend..Blend...Blend...
8. Apply highlight on your brow bone. Now as much as I want to use all the shades in the palette, I think it's best to use a matte light shadow for your brow bone because we already have a lot of shimmers going on. Apply it also on the inner V of your eyes and blend it together with the gold shade.
9. Iight line using an eye pencil  and use a liquid liner to line your upper lash line.
10. Apply the darkest shade of green on your lower lash line.
11. Curl you lashes and apply mascara.

1. To clean off the fall outs, apply foundation again and concealer if you need more coverage then blend it well on your face.
2. Contour the hallows of your cheeks and apply blush. Take the pink blush from the same palette.

1. Line your lips and blend it well all over your upper and lower lips.
2. Take this nude lipstick and top it off with lip gloss.

And we're done! You can wear this look during daytime and if you want to wear this for night time, you can make it look more dramatic by intensifying the black shadow and apply half or full fake lashes.

I hope you find this tutorial helpful and I'll talk  to you on my next blog! Stay Fabulosa!!!

Miss Bee

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