Saturday, May 19, 2012

Just Got Lucky Haul

Hey Pretty Bellas!!!

      I am super super excited to share this with you guys because this is the first time ever that I am going to do a giveaway haul. I have been joining contest giveaways of the youtube gurus and bloggers since I got into makeup.

 I swear I was really disappointed whenever I wasn't picked up as the lucky winner. But I realize, there's really nothing to lose so I kept on joining until one Sunday night, a very unexpected thing happened.
I saw one of my friend's post to Makeup Hub by Naturale Collezione. It's a picture of her and her mom and then I found out that Makeup Hub by NC was holding a Mother's Day giveaway. The rule was to post a picture of you and your mom telling why you love her. I didn't have any pictures of my mom in my computer so I decided to post a picture of me and grandma. I wasn't sure if it's valid but I joined anyway. Luckily, I got picked! I won a gift certificate from a derm clinic (I wasn't sure of the name). At first I thought I won a gift certificate from Makeup Hub by NC but my friend who is also a blogger told me that it was a GC from a derm clinic. I haven't received that yet but I'll probably do another blog for that to keep you updated.

So next giveaway was help by Skye Avenue, one of the online stores in the Philippines. Miss Tan, help a birthday giveaway which I wasn't able to join because I just liked her page and couple of hourse later, she already announced the winner. Anyway, good thing she held another one which was very easy. She posted a status saying that if the status received 30 likes, it will be a giveaway. So because of my habit of liking other people's posts, I liked it and voila! I got picked again! I was super excited and I can't believe my eyes. It's funny that my other friend who is also a famous blogger tagged me. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have seen it earlier. I seriously didn't have any idea that I won. Anyway, my prize came on Wednesday and here they are:

I got 1 lip liner and 1 lipstick ^_^

Lipstick Shade: Heather

Lip Liner: Pale pink
swatch of pale pink on hand
on lips
Swatch of Heather on hand

on lips: Heather

The next giveaway I won was held by a friend whom I met in Judy of Itsjudytime Meet and Greet. She told me that she and Makeup Hub by NC are holding giveaway so I joined and just like every other contests I joined, I didn't really expect anything from it anymore. But when my package from Skye Avenue came, I got too excited to post it in Facebook so I logged on and then I saw J-Anne's message telling me that I won! So I got super excited again. The package came today and here it is: 

 Here's the package that came today ^_^ 

Miners Cosmetics Moisture Effect in Mouline Rouge

Miners Cosmetics Matte Factor in Hot Pink which I instantly fall in love with. 

Yeah! Hot Pink baby! 

This is the Moulin Rouge which supposed to be red but the camera washed out the color so it looked more like orange

This is the Matter Factor in Hot Pink

So there you have my Just Got Lucky Haul. I hope I didn't bore you and I hope you got an idea of what these lippies shades look like :) Thank you for reading! Stay Fabulous! 

Miss Bee

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  1. I love your winnings! Congrats! Hopefully next time, tayo naman ang mkapag-giveaway, noh? hehehe... =D