Friday, May 11, 2012

A Mother's Zalora Wishlist-

 Hey Lovelies,

     When I first saw the Zalora Wishlist giveaway in Nuffnang, I instantly created an account and browsed the site. Zalora is the new online store where you can find different things. From clothings to home needs. They offer free shipping which is fabulous plus and 30-day return! How cool is that??

 There were a lot of things that I like and it was so hard to come up with a wishlist since I am not really a fan of shopping shoes and clothes online. So I told myself that I will choose the things that I really need. After hundreds of clicks, I finally came up with a wishlist and here it is...
As you can see I chose mostly shoes.. That's because I need all of them I swear! I'm not gonna tell you the reason WHY.. LOL... I chose the pair of jeans because I rarely wear them so I only have very few. 

Anyway, I was already writing my blog entry for this contest when I noticed something....

Zalora has kids' section???

Then it suddenly struck me.. It's my baby boy's 9th birthday today and I know that it would be great if I give him some of the stuff he needs. He's considered as preteen now. I can't believe how time flies. It seems only yesterday when I choose to let him breathe and see the world and now he's already 9 and a 4th grade student. I feel old whenever I think about but hey! I love being a mom and I would never regret having him in my life. 

Anyway, most of the few things I picked uo for him to include in the wishlist are shoes. I dont know but I feel like some of the clothes are really ordinary in the site and I want to dress my little man like a fashionista would.  

So here's my Top 5 picks!!

So here are the closer look to the top 5 items..As you can see they're not mix and matchy type. 

My first pick was this jacket and I fell in love with it the moment I saw it in the site. I bet my little man would look fabulous on this.

An athletic  shoes is a must  have!!

I really find this shoes cute and I bet my little man can pull this off :)

Ok..sometimes, One of my problems with my son is wearing shoes.. He would always complain about shoes  whenever we're going out. He always asks me what to wear but this sandals would be perfect for him because it goes well with a lot of his casual outfits

Ok this one..I dont have any reasons of choosing this as part of the list. But I think the pants would look good on him

So there you have my wishlist. Whether or not I win this contest or he receives these items, I think my only wish for him is to have a good life. A good health and happy childhood are the best things I can always give my child. 

I hope you dont find this boring. Thanks for reading and I'll talk to you later! Stay Fab!

Miss Bee

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