Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bee's Brow Routine

Hello Gorgeous!

 Filling in my brows was the first makeup routine I got totally interested in because I barely have brows. The hair in my brows iss very thin so when I was a kid I always felt like there's something missing in my face. It was only until I reached my teenage years that I got totally conscious about it. I didn't know how to do my brows back then but since I want it to change, I tried to buy a black liner from ever bilena. I swear I had no idea what I was doing then. I lined my brows without even grooming them. Then one of my cousin-in-law's mom taught me how to do it properly and she advised me to get a brown brow pencil instead of black. So that's how I started learning more about my brows. I used one product to another. It was hard to find the right one for me. I also switched from one routine to another. It was just recently that I learned to blend and brush my brows and I loved it since. My bff is my double side brush from Marionnaud. :)

 Anyway, enough of my brow history and let's jump into everything!

   In preparing your brows, you have to make sure that they are properly groomed. Some people have it done professionally but in my opinion, you really have to learn how to groom your brows so that you can do it whenever you need to plus I am more confident that I'm not gonna walk out of the salon looking like I just got the villain role on the next TV drama series. Anyway when grooming your brows, you can either use this blade that I got from Watson's or use tweezers.

  When you're done grooming your brows, we can go ahead and jump into everything.

What I'm going to do is show you how I do my brows from the simple one to a more defined one.

1. Get a brow pencil that is 2 shades darker than your hair or always remember that your hair color should always be lighter than your brows. Avoid extreme contrast.

2. Start lining it lightly from the arch toward the end. To get the perfect arch of your brows, look straight in the mirror and get a pencil. You should create your arch on the outer end of your iris. Some people really do the perfect ever so archy arch..I know I'm just making up some words right now but what I want to say is that, you shouldn't make your arch too high because that will just add up age. Anyway, What I do is I just follow the natural arch of my brows and sometimes put it slightly higher. This will make you look a lot younger at least you wont look older than your age.

3. So when you're done finding the arch and lining your brows halfway out, you can lightly build up inwards. Then brush it using this Marionnaud 2 in 1 premium brush  (brow brush and angled brush) then start blending using the brow brush.. Blend it well and brush it upward when you reach the inner part of your brows.  Now this is my everyday brow routine when I'm just having my classes and I'm not planning to go out. I can go on all day working with just this.

4. Anyway, we can build this up by adding few more steps and using 1 more product. When I'm going out, I always make sure I use brow gel because it helps my brows stay in place. So using my E.L.F. brow kit, I'm going to take the brow gel and mix it with the brow powder using an angled brush then doing the same step I did with the brow pencil, I'm gonna line my brows and then blend and brush..blend and brush until I'm satisfied.
5. To clean off the excess, use a concealer and apply it on your brow bone and upper brow just like so..Then start to blend it to your skin.  Doing so will not only make your brows a lot cleaner but it will also make the brows look more defined.

 And we're done! I hope you find this tutorial helpful. Dont forget to subscribe to my YT channel for more tutorials and please do check out my facebook and show some love! Oh wait there's more! the bird is tweeting and it's saying dont forget to follow me on twitter too! I will put all the necessary link on the info box below including the products I used and Where I got them.

Thanks for reading darlings and I'll talk to you on my next blog! Stay Fabulous.

Miss Bee

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