Friday, February 3, 2012

Simple Date Makeup

Hey Everyone,

       As February approaches, a lot of women out there are getting excited with their Valentine's date. Whether they spend time with their special someone or just hanging out with the girls, we all want to doll up on this special day. So here's a simple date makeup that I came up with for your gorgeous ladies out there.

Products that I used:      
Revlon Colorstay foundation in Warm Golden
Ever Bilena Advance Studio Foundation in Creme
San San concealer #2
Ever Bilena Advance 3D compact in Light Baked Fusion

Nyx Nude on Nude Natural Look kit
Aido Classic Makeup Set
Nichido mineral brow liner in chestnut\
Nichido Mineral Kohl liner in Onyx
Maybelline Gel liner
Nichido Lengthening mascara

Estee Lauder Pure color Palette in Radiant Kiss

MAC Amplified

How I did it:
Face Preparation
1. Prepare your face. Make sure your face is clean and that you applied toner and moisturizer.
2. Apply primer if you want but in this video, I actually skipped it. :))
3. Apply foundation.
4. Apply lip balm. This will keep your lips moisturized.

1. Prime your eyes. This will prevent your eye shadow from creasing.
2. Apply the golden eye shadow from the NYX Nude on Nude Natural look kit on the inner 2/3's of your lids.
3. Then apply shimmery dark  brown shadow from the same palette and then apply it on the outer v corner of your eyes and work your way up above the crease. Blend it into the middle.
4. Combine and chocolatey brown color and indigo then softly apply them on the inner half avoiding the inner tear duct.
5. This part I know I skipped in the video but you have to put and shimmery white or silver eye shadow on your tear duct creating a v-line. Then blend it with the indigo shadow.
6. Blend any hard edges using a tapered brush. I actually dipped it in to a taupe eye shadow to help them blend well.
7. Highlight the brow bone using a matte shadow that is just a little bit lighter than you skin tone.
8.  Line your upper lashline and smudge it.
9. Using a gel liner, line your water line and top it off with the folden e/s.
10. Curl your lashes and apply mascara. You can apply falsies if you want for a more flirty look.

Face 2
1. I reapplied my foundation but this time I used a lighter shade to erase any fall outs from the shadow and create and brighter face effect.
2. You can use concealer to cover up more but in this video I skipped it.
3. Apply pink blush.
4. Then finish everything off with a nude lipstick.

       In this video, I skipped a lot of procedure because I was running out of time. I got too worried so I forgot so many things. Also at then end of the video, you will notice that I was saying something. That's because I already started my class.

        Anyway, this look is not only perfect for date, you can only wear this look at any event. Whether it's day or night. That's just my opinion. You can also use different products if you want to.


   I hope you like my tutorial and I am hoping to talk to you again on my next blog. Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a fabulous day.


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