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Macaron Delight Tutorial_Sweet Valentine Makeup

Hey Everyone,

        As you all know, I am a huge fan of Michelle Phan. One morning, I checked youtube new uploads just like I always do, I saw Mich's new video called "The Sweetest Thing" so I watched it. The video focused on Michelle's breakup. I know a lot of you girls out there including yours truly of course  suffer from this so in this short story Michelle showed some ways on how to deal with bad breakups. Some girls get a new haircut,some of them go shopping but here she had a new makeup look inspired by a popular French delicacy called macaron. I got inspired by the video and the new look so I thought of a way on how to recreate this look without buying Lancome's new line. Dont get me wrong, I would want to have that if I could. But for now, I will use my favorite drugstore products, It's a good thing that I have most of the colors. For this tutorial, I decided to use only one palette for the eye make up and cheeks. So if you want to learn how to achieve this look, keep watching and let's get started!

     I've already prepared my face so we will jump into the eye make up. For this tutorial, I will only use my Aido Makeup set even though my Nichido got the closest pink shade to what Michelle used in the video. You can get the Aido Makeup set at Watson's or SM department store for Php499 about $12-13.

  First thing that you need to do is prime your lids. Using a primer will not only prevent your eye shadow from creasing but it will also help to make your eye makeup stay in place until you decided to remove them.

1. Taking this light pink shadow, apply it on the inner half of your lids as a highlight. I know in the video Michelle used matte peach shadow but since I am recreating the look, I am going to use a slightly shimmered pink shadow.
2. I am going to combine a slightly darker pink  shadow to this purple shadow to make it more brighter.
3. To add a refreshing pop up color, use this minty green shade from the same palette and apply it on your lower lash line.
4. Take this chocolate brown shade and apply it on your upper lashline. Apply it a little bit thicker because we're still going to line it with a liquid liner. The shadow will soften the harshness of the black liquid liner. But if you want the intensity of the liner, you can skip this step.
5. Apply shimmery white shadow on the inner corner of you eyes to make them appear brighter.
6. Now you can line your eyes.
7. Curl you lashes and apply mascara. In this I am using the technique I learned from Wayne of gossmakeupartist. Using a lash comb apply your favorite mascara onto it then gently comb your lashes upward.  Doing this technique will keep you from having the annoying clamped lashes and I find my lashes more beautiful.
8. I'm going to set everything with a powder. I apply powder after I did my eye makeup so I can easily brush off the eye shadow fall outs.
9. Now for the cheeks. Take this pink blush and apply it on the apples of your cheeks. Apply lightly to make it appear like your blushing.
10. Finish off with a bright pink lipstick. I am using angel rose from Maybelline.

 Products used:
Ever Bilena Advance Stick foundation
Ever Bilena Advance 3D compact
Sansan Age defense concealer

Aido Makeup Set
Nichido Lengthening Mascara

Maybelline Color Sensation in Angel Rose

Other products shown:
 Missha Time Revolution White Cure (Toner and moisturizer)
ELF Foundation primer

     Now you're ready! I love the colors because they make me happy and now that I think about, I realized that you can also wear this look on your date this Valentine's Day. So there you have my version of Macaron Delight tutorial. I want to thank Michelle Phan for her tutorials. They do not only help me improve my makeup skills, her short stories also help me with my online tutorial job because my students  love them just as much as I love her makeup tutorial.

     I hope you like this tutorial and thank you for reading. Dont forget to SUBSRIBE to my channel and Stay Fabulous.

Miss Bee

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