Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Product Review: Ever Bilena

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     Today I decided to write a product review about Ever Bilena products. I knew this cosmetic brand for a long time but back then I used to be skeptical in buying their products because I think it's not good enough. I tried to use their eye pencil before but I didn't like it. Anyway, I got curious about it because I've heard good reviews from some of the YT gurus here in the Philippines. I must say they took me by surprise when I tried them. So here's my review for Ever Bilena Advance collection.

Ever Bilena Advance Studio Finish stick Foundation ( try saying that 10x! LOL)
      I bought this foundation because I needed it for my model in the academy. My instructor said that it's a good foundation so I decided to use it since I've never tried a local stick foundation. I was surprised with this product because it had a good finish. It didn't look cakey on me and it doesn't feel heavy as well. So yeah, I thought that maybe it will end their but I was wrong. My makeup stayed on for a long time because it didn't smear. It actually became better.
Pros: good finish, stays on for a long time and it doesn't look cakey
Cons: it's hard to apply and blend.
Price: Php165
Where to buy:Any Ever Bilena outlet. SM department stores and Watsons

Ever Bilena Advance 3D Compact
   This is one of their new products from the Advance makeup line. The powder comes with 3 shades that's why it's called 3D compact. The darkest shade is for contour, the medium will help blend the the other 2 shades together so you can use it as a powder. The lightest shade is for highlight. It also comes with a powder puff that is super duper soft so I super super love it.
Pros: It's cheap, very useful for contour and highlight, it has a good finish, comes with a good powder puff
Cons: it doesn't stay on the face for a long time, lightest powder is not so good for highlight.
Price: Php150
Where to buy: SM department stores and Watsons

Ever Bilena Advance Concealer

     This is probably my first liquid concealer ever. It has a light formula which I dont think is appropriate for covering acen scars. So what I do is I miss it with a stick foundation. I dont have much to say about this product so here are the pros and cons
Pros: cheap and easy to blend in
cons: it doesn't have a good coverage. too light for a concealer
Price: Php165

  I hope you find this revew helpful and for more information about my page, please check ot my FB page, Youtube channel and tweeter! Have a great day!

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  1. Thanks for the review. I'm going to try the stick foundation. I think Ever Bilena has good products. I love their matte lipstick. :)