Monday, February 20, 2012

DIY Iced Green Tea Eye Pads- Bid Puffy Eyes Goodbye!

Hello Everyone,

     Have you ever suffered from swollen eyes due to lack of sleep, astigmatism or from crying yourself to sleep last night because you broke up with your bf/gf? swollen eyes can make us look tired even after sleeping for 8hrs.You can also get puffy eyes by drinking water too much before going to bed. Although you can get a lot of good health benefits by drinking a lot of water everyday, drinking water before bed will cause your eyes to swell. That's because the water will not be eliminated from your body when you sleep.

    Anyway, I've suffered from this too many times before so I tried to look for some ways on how to reduce this or totally get rid of the annoying puffy eyes.I swear by Purederm Puffy Eyes Minimizing Patche.  It  will totally get rid of your eye bags in just one night. But this is too expensive to use on a daily basis plus it will only minimize the under eye bags. Sometimes, when you suffer from astigmatism, you tend to get swollen eyes in the morning as if you just got bitten by some insects or sometimes when you cry yourself to sleep your lids tend to become puffy as well.

   While I was enjoying my cup of green tea, I thought that maybe I can make my own eye pads using this. Green tea has a lot of health benefits. Is there any other food or drink reported as many benefits as green tea? There are a lot of medicinal benefits that you can get from green tea from headache to depression. It is also reputed to be helpful to some illnesses such as cancer, high cholesterol level, infection, etc.

 So enough of the blah blah blah and let's get started!

What You'll Need:
1 green tea bag
1 cup hot water
cotton pads
ziplock or any plastic container

1. Put the tea bag onto the cup of water. The let it cool down a little bit.
2. Once the tea is warm, you can start to dip each cotton pad into it.
3. Put the dipped cotton pads in a ziploc or plastic container but make sure not to layer them.
4. Let it totally cool down then put it in a fridge and there you have it!

        You can make as many pads as you can. This will save you time and energy :)
this can only fit 4 but I still put 6..

REMINDER: dont pile them up because it will be so hard to tore them apart... LEARN FROM MY MISTAKE :(

so this happens when you pile them up..

You can start to use it the next day. Thaw it out first before you place it on your eyes. Go ahead and wash your face first or take a shower. It will be ready by the time you done. These eye pads have soothing effect and can help your blood to circulate better.

           For best result, use this every morning right after you wash your face. This will take 10minutes of your daily morning routine but it sure pays. :) You will bid puffy eyes in no time!!! You can also put these pads all over your face at night. You face needs some green tea lovin' too so go ahead and use it as face mask.

Other things I do with green tea:
  I use it to rinse my face at night. So once you wash you face with a cleanser, rinse it with warm green tea.
  When steaming my face, I dont just use hot water. I add some green tea into it. You dont have to use new tea bag all the time. When I drink tea, I keep the tea bag so I can use it for my facial steam. (tutorial coming up next...)

       I hope you enjoy my DIY tutorial and for more updates, please visit my FB page and twitter and dont forget to subscribe to my YT channel too! This is all for now ladies and I'll talk to you on my next blog!

Miss Bee

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