Friday, February 10, 2012

Watsons Haul: Ever Bilena,Nichido,Maybelline and Careline

Hello Gorgeous!

 I went to Watsons the other day to get some stuff that I need at home and as always I check out some cosmetics. I said to myself that I would go to a smaller Watsons so I I wouldn't pick up a lot. Guess what? I ended up getting more but I know I need them too. I know I have to expand my makeup collection now that I'm aiming to be a freelance hair and makeup artist. Anyway, here are the list of the things I bought. 


Nichido Lip liner in Rosette and Blaze Php100/each 

Careline Lip Gloss #02 and 05 (Php75/each)

Eye Gel Mas Cucumber shape (Php79)

Nichido Lipticks: Sheer - (Php138)  Matte-(Php188)

Nichido spot concealer in Neutral (Php138)

Maybelline Clear and Smooth foundation powder (Php 149)

Ever Bilena Advance 3D compact (Php150)

Careline pimple concealer (Php80)

Here's another Watsons Haul that I did earlier. Mostly Hair products.

RAVEN hair spray
Glam Work Heat Defense Serum
Tail comb
Sectioning clips
Kleenex Antibacterial wipes
Kleenex Tissue
Cleene cotton balls

          So that wraps up my blog and I hope you enjoy reading this. This is all for now and I'll talk to you on my next blog! 


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