Thursday, January 26, 2012

No Makeup Makeup

Hey Everyone,

      When I posted my picture with my no makeup makeup, people asked me how I did it. Well, honestly, there are several ways to achieve this look. If you only search in youtube, you'll see tons of videos on how to get the "no makeup" makeup/fresh makeup/natural makeup or however you want to call it. This type of look will help you have a radiant looking skin without putting a lot on your face. This will just enhance your features and give you that effortless beauty. You will see a lot but you may probably think twice in doing this look because of the products they are using. Well, I will make it easier for you pretty girls out there. I will show you different techniques on how to achieve this look using local products such as Nichido, Ever Bilena and so on. I will also make a tutorial based on your skin type.

      So this first tutorial is for girls who doesn't need a lot of coverage on their skin. Meaning to say your skin has very few blemishes or none at all. Honestly when I did this video, my skin was not at its best. Right now, I am suffering from acne scars but when I did this video, my skin was a little worse that it really is. Anyway, just dont mind my skin and focus on the tutorial.

 So here are the products I used:

Missha Real Complete BB Cream
Ever Bilena Advance Foundation stick
San San Age defense concealer
Ever Bilena Advance 3D Compact

Nichido Palette
NYX nude on nude
Nichido eye pencil in medium brown
Nichido Lengthening Mascara
Brows: Nichido Mineral eye pencil in Chestnut

Blush: Estee Lauder Pure Color palette ( Radiant kiss)

Lips: Watsons Naturals lip balm and Missha lipstick

Detailed tutorial:

1. Clean your face, use toner and moisturize. It is very important that you do this first step before your start applying makeup. 
2. Put an ample amount of BB cream onto your fingertips and then warm it up. Gently apply the product  all over your face. You can use a foundation brush if you want or if you're doing it to somebody. In my case, I prefer to use my fingers to blend the product more evenly.
3. Apply foundation that is lighter than your skin tone under your eyes and apply it in triangular motion to brighten up the face even more and for more coverage if you need it.
4. This is optional but you can apply concealer under your eyes,some dark spots and acne scars. In my case, it didn't totally concealed the acne because it's just came out. (Blame it on PMS :(.....)
5. Redefine your brows. In this video, since I forgot that I am doing a natural look, I forgot to use darker shade of brow pencil and just follow the natural shape of my brows. 
6. Apply primer but this is optional since we aare aiming for a natural look. If you dont have a primer, you can apply foundation all over your lids and top it off with concealer.
7. Apply a matte brown eye shadow on your eye socket to give your eyes more definition. Then apply a satin eye shadow of  your choice. Blend it well. Applying satin E/S will give you a natural looking glow. 
8. Tight line using a medium brown eye pencil. Apply it as close to the lash line as possible. Doing this method will make your eyelashes appera thicker without lining it too much plus the brown liner looks more natural than black liner.
9. I used a different technique in applying mascara here. I noticed that doing this will make your lashes look more natural than when you use the mascara's regular wand. Anyway, apply some mascara onto the brow and lash comb and then after you curl your lashes, gently comb your top and bottom lashes
10. Apply powder. Here I am using my new Ever Bilena Advance 3D compact. I will do a review soon on Ever Bilena products.
11. Using the darkest shade in the 3d compact, apply it on the hollows of your cheeks for contour. 
12. Apply pink blush on your cheek bones. Here I am using a satin pink from my Estee  Lauder palette but you can use any pink blush you have.
13. Using the lightest color on the 3d compact, apply it on top of your cheek bones then sweep it under your eyes for highlight. You can also apply some on your nose bridge and across your forehead.
14. Dab a little bit of liptick on your lips then blend it with your finger or lip brush.
Last but not the least, apply lipbalm for extra moisture. 

  So there you have it. No makeup makeup... Enhanced but not overdone. 

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and please check out my YT channel and subscribe for more tutorials. This is all for now and I'll talk to you on my next blog. Stay Fabulous. 


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  1. Nice! Good luck on this endeavor...pabili din ako bb cream pls? Ü