Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Haul: Huge Holiday Collection

Hi Guys it's me again Bee. I went shopping last week so I thought I'd share with your guys the things I purchased. I wanted to have a new collection of shoes,bags and clothes that's why I bought all of them. I dont do it normally but December is the only time I really buy a lot of things. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my haul and here's the list of the things you saw in the video:

Lace Blouse (Php400) I bought it in a store somewhere. 

SM Dept store Items:
Crissa shorts (Php200/pair) 
Prima Leopard Skirt (Php999)
Gray Cardigan (Php300)
Marionnaud Brushes : pointed eyeshadow brush (Php69) eyeshadow brush (Php119)
black stockings (Php139)
Fanny Serrano slim eyelash curler (125)
Maybelline Extreme stiletto (349) ....cant remember
Parisian Satchel (Php600)
Parisian Shoes (Php400)

2 for 999 shoes
2 for 1999 bags

oxford pumps (Php1699) - This is actually the most expensive shoes I bought for today and probably my whole like..LOL :)) 

I hope you enjoy watching my holiday haul and I will talk to you guys soon! Stay Fab!


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