Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Late Holiday Post: OOTD and Haul

Hi Guys,

      I know it's a bit late but I just wanted to show you the videos that I filmed last holiday season. I had two videos but I just put them in one so it will be a lot easier to edit. 

     First thing that I'm gonna show you is the outfit that I wore on our Christmas party. I wore a red and green blouse and paired it up with shorts.  I bought the blouse from a factory outlet here in my area while I got the shorts from crissa. I accessorized my outfit with a belt then I used my red and green bangles to match with my outfit. For my shoes I wore my sandals from celine. 

  Next on the video was my Christmas present haul. I got most of my presents earlier. First is the office chair. I know it's not the first thing that I mentioned from my video but it's actually the first present I got on that day. I was so happy to receive it because that is something I wouldn't buy for myself or maybe it would take a lot of time before I consider getting myself one. And when I say a lot of means more than a year or so.. Anyway, right after I got the office chair, my parcel from Korea came and my heart was pounding so fast. The package was from my students in Korea. They got me a lot of cosmetics...I know because I requested for it. They asked me what I wanted so what else would I say? Of course Korea is known for really good cosmetics and because some of them are expensive when you buy them here in the Philippines, I thought of asking for some cosmetics. So on the evening on that same day, I went to the Christmas party just like what I said on my OOTD video, my friends and I had a party. As usual, they requested me to bring my specialty which is a Korean chicken dish called "DAK KANG JUNG". We exchanged gifts and two of my friends gave her Christmas present in advance. Anyway, this day was really something. I was so tired while filming the video but I really thought I would share with you guys my Christmas presents. I was really tired and I was sick when i filmed this video but I still managed to film it til the end. 

 So here's the list of the things I got from my students:

missha Time Revolution white cure (Toner and Moisturizer)

Missha Nail Polish in 6 different colors.
Missha Velvet art shadow palette

Missha complete BB cream
Missha sunblock 
 Missha Signature series lipstick

                                                     Missha sample products                                                    Nature Republic masks in green tea, aloe vera and advance cell boosting ex.   

To all the people who gave all of these to me, Thank you so much. I really appreciated everything from the bottom of my heart. I think I am enjoying this blogging thing way too much..Thank you so much for patiently reading my blog . This is all for now and I hope to talk to you on my next blog.  


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