Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bee's Mini Haul / Movie Review

Hey there Fabulous Ladies,

        Today I went to see a movie with a friend. So before I tell what I got today in the mall. Lemme tell you my thoughts about the movie "Manila Kingpin". I am not a movie critic and this is the first time that I am actually going to write something about a movie."Manila Kingpin" was a great movie. The story was great and this is actually the first time that I appreciated a Filipino action movie. The only problem I saw in this movie was the actor who portrayed as "Asiong Salonga". I dont know with you guys but for me, he didn't give justice to the character. My friends and I agreed on this part. He said that Asiong died when he was 23 and may I quote he said it's a "Trivia". Anyway, Asiong was in early 20's when he died while Jorge Estregan Jr., didn't look that young. Maybe when he did this movie when he was younger, he probably gave it more justice. There were a lot of scenes that looked really weird to me. Like the kissing scenes between Asiong and 3 of her women (all of them are young acrtresses). Those scene gave us the "eeewwww" factor. I know I am mean but that's just how I felt about the movie. The Kalesa chase was something I've never seen before but.....seriously??? A Kalesa chase where all the people riding were dead but the horse was left unharmed??? Anyway, I still enjoyed the movie and I really recommend you guys to see it. I wish they will make more movies like that in the future but please..... choose better actors...I know they are veteran actors but please..choose someone that will be please in  the viewers' eyes.LOL..^__^   and please dont make it BLACK and WHITE.
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    Alright, enough of the movie review. I went to SM Department store with my friend so I thought I'd pick up some of the things I need for the beauty academy. So here they are..

       First thing I got was this Fanny Serrano concealer stick in chestnut. I asked the saleslady if it's a foundation stick and she said yes. I know it's my bad that I didn't read the label first when she gave me the box. Anyway, I will still keep this and add to my collection. One thing I can say about this product is it smells like men's cologne. Price: Php350

      Next, this E.L.F. product automatically caught my eyes because of the packaging. It really looks nice. I didn't know that it's a face primer. I haven't really tried to use any face primers before but I will do a review about this product once I used it. Price:Php 399

     Last but not the least is this e.l.f. studio blush brush. This is probably my first blush brush ever. I use different brushes when putting on my blush. Being in the academy, makes me want to have the proper brushes for applying make up. It's gonna cost me a lot but I am sure it pays off in the end. Price:Php 249

  So that's it for now pretty ladies. I do hope you like reading my blog. I wish I can write more but I have to get back to work. I'll talk to you guys next time and Stay Fabulous!


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