Friday, January 20, 2012

Wants vs Needs_Drugstore Haul

Hey Guys,

          Last week I went shopping for the things I need in the academy at SM dept store. As always, whenever I'm surrounded with beauty products, I loose track of time and it's like I am the only there. Anyway, as I was looking for the things I need, there were so many products that I want to buy but my budget was too tight that I  only can buy important stuff. As I was walking around, I kept telling myself that I wouldn't be too compulsive so everytime that I pick up a product, I would look at it for a long time and think carefully.I asked myself too many time on that day "Do I need this or is there any way that I can improvise and still get the same result?". I thought of that over and over and I was successful. I only got the things that I need and here they are....
Advance 3D compact from Ever Bilena
Ever Bilena Studio Finish stick foundation

Shawill false lashes
shawill false lashes

Shawill Foundation and Concealer brush
Make up Essentials

Purederm Eye Patch
Marionaud angled brush
the other side...brow brush
 Price List:
EB Advance 3D compact -              Php150
EC Studio Finish stick Foundation - Php165/each
Shawill Falsies -                               Php59/each
headband -                                      Php49
tissue -                                            php22
cotton buds -                                   Php 27
Purederm eye patch-                        Php79
Marionnaud brow brush -                 Php119

   So that's it gorgeous readers. I was so happy that I got these product and I am so ready for tomorrow's class at David's Salon Academy. Anyway, this is all for now and I do hope you enjoy reading this. Til my next blog and I hope you have a great day ahead. Stay Fabulous.


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